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The goal of Premium Data Systems IV. s.r.o. is to invest in the construction of data centres. At present, our main project is planned for 264 million Czech crowns. It already has an approved subsidy of 119 million crowns for technology, that is used, for example, to calculate crisis scenarios during a pandemic. Premium Data Systems s. r. o. is owned by the Czech investment group Premiot Group, a. s., whose founder and chairman of the board Ondrej Spodniak took over the auspices of the entire project.

Why pick us

There are thousands of opportunities to invest, but only a few of them are premium opportunities.

million crowns is the investment volume of the project.
119 million crowns is the amount of our approved subsidy.
We have 4 official representations - we operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the United Kingdom. We are a stable Czech company.
employees in 4 countries.

About the project

  • Information systems and technologies will form the basis for the future economy based on automation, big data and artificial intelligence. Therefore, we are strategically expanding our portfolio in this direction. With the project of a modern data centre, we aim to gradually secure a firm place in one of the fastest growing technological industries. Focusing on technology is part of our long-term strategy.
  • High-end servers (a variety of supercomputers) providing constant computing power will be sold by Premium Data Systems.
  • Demands for high availability of data and applications are quickly increasing. It is usually not worthwhile for companies to build their own facilities and infrastructure in the area of data and cloud solutions, because the financial demands of these projects are very high. Data centres create physical security, supply never-ending electric energy, regulated ventilation system, guaranteed connectivity and, most importantly, a variety of system resources. These technologies support the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence, they back up cryptocurrencies or online games. They are also currently used for calculations of crisis scenarios during pandemics.

Our goal is to develop and provide services for the following trends:

Machinery learning and artificial intelligence

Use of algorithms with many data layers, e.g. to assist in the management of crisis scenarios during a pandemic.

Providing rendering capabilities

Application in the field of 3D graphics, that facilitates the work of architects and designers on more complex projects.

Online games

Where online games run on remote servers and are also streamed from there.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency algorithms

Acquiring a stable share of a computing energy provider for decentralized agencies.

Preconfigured servers

Our service will include servers preconfigured for most required situations. We also offer:

  • Individual modifications at the customer's request
  • Flexible scalability of performance according to the customers’ needs
  • Data infrastructure for projects with copyright protection
  • High-capacity internet connection with guaranteed speed
  • Render manager SW integration for all platforms
  • Remote access from anywhere, SSH, Remote Desktop
  • Quantity and loyalty discounts on long-term contracts

You can also participate in the construction of the data centre

Investment in technology, yield 8%, regular monthly payment of yield.

Premium Data Systems IV 8/22 bond


  • Nominal value: CZK 50,000
  • Price: 50 000 CZK + current accrued interest
  • Date of issue: 1. 12. 2020
  • Yield: 8% p.a.
  • Interest payment: monthly
  • Maturity date: 31 December 2022


4 reasons to invest in bonds

High fixed interest rates

We offer an above-average fixed interest rate of 8% p. a.

Monthly returns

We pay interest on bonds every month.

A team of experienced professionals

Our management includes experts with many years of experience. We can truly make value of investments.

Investing in a growing sector

Information technology has a future and is evolving rapidly.


Premium Data Systems IV. s.r.o.

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Office: Jindřišská 901/5, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague
File reference: C 335599/MSPH

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Announcement regarding the bond offer

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